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Top Notch Custom Detail: Your Ultimate Car Protection Solution

Are you in constant worry over your car's exterior condition? Tired of the relentless damage from pollen, snow, dirt, and other harmful substances affecting your vehicle's aesthetic appeal? Your worries end today with Top Notch Custom Detail!

Experience Unrivaled Car Protection With Ceramic Coatings

Paint Correction

We, at Top Notch Custom Detail, bring you the ultimate solution in the form of ceramic coatings – the pinnacle of vehicle protection that outlasts any natural waxes and synthetic sealants. With our professional auto detailing service, we transform your car's exterior into a resilient and shiny spectacle, repelling dirt and debris, and achieving an unmatched gloss level.

Our ceramic coatings are crafted from 100% high solid silica, forming a robust protection layer over your vehicle's surface. The result is an impressively durable and hydrophobic surface, making your vehicle stay cleaner, longer than ever before! Imagine having an extra shield that reaches up to 10H hardness, guarding your car's beauty against the trials of everyday travel.

Reap the Benefits of Ceramic Coating Today

Not only does our ceramic coating keep your car gleaming, but it also brings multiple benefits:

  1. Ease of Cleaning: Owing to its hydrophobic nature, ceramic coating repels water effortlessly, making your car easy to clean and dry.

  2. UV Ray Protection: Protect your car's paint from the sun's harmful rays that can cause fading. Our ceramic coating adds an extra layer, effectively blocking the UV rays.

  3. Scratch and Watermark Resistance: Lessen your trips to the auto body shop with our ceramic coating that protects your car from scratches and watermarks, keeping it looking as good as new!

Connect With Us Today

If your car is showing signs of scratches, watermarks, or other physical blemishes, it's time to consider ceramic coatings. Contact our knowledgeable team at Top Notch Custom Detailing at 732-890-9020 today. We are eager to help your car maintain its beauty and shine for years to come!

Choose Top Notch Custom Detail. Choose to keep your car looking as new as ever!

The Application Process

This type of coating is applied by hand by an experienced professional. The coating then naturally mixes with the coats of paint below it, and this creates a hydrophobic layer, which acts as another layer of protection. The outline below explains the step-by-step process when one of our team members applies a ceramic coating to your vehicle: 

Step 1: We Pre-rinse the pain & Wheels

Then, we deep cleaned the wheels, applied stage 1 pre-cleaner and stage 2 snow foam, and then utilized a contact and decontamination method. Once that is done, we dry the entire vehicle.

Step 2: We complete the Paint Measuring.

Prior to paint correcting, our technicians take measurements of the paint depth throughout the vehicle to know how much clear coat is present. This step is very important as it is necessary to know the depth of clear so no damage is done to the vehicle's finish

Step 3: This is the pain correction step.

Prior to paint correcting, our technicians take measurements of the paint depth throughout the vehicle to know how much clear coat is present. This step is very important as it is necessary to know the depth of clear so no damage is done to the vehicle's finish

Step 4: We apply prep Spray.

Our next step in the PPF installation process is to prep the vehicle receiving treatment. We use a special prep spray to get rid of any polishes or waxes left on the paint of the vehicle so that when applying the film It can properly cure to the paint.

Step 5: Now, its time to add the Ceramic coating.

We grab our ceramic coating bottle, a brand new (Low GSM) microfiber towel. our application pad is primed. then we work the product in the paint using in a cross-hatch pattern. Working in a 3x3 area . we wait the recommended time before wiping. we analyze the paint with a LED light to make sure there are no left over residue.

Step 6: The Penultimate step is the curing process:

After the whole car has been coated, we leave your vehicle parked indoors for at least 48 hours temperature controlled with our infrared lamp. No water contact for at least 72 hours. No washing for longer than 2 full weeks. 

Step 7: Finally, we do a final inspection.

This involves our technicians going through an extensive quality control step. We inspect all film edges to make sure no film has lifted or shifted during drying.



Ceramic coating for 2, 4, 6, 8 & 10  Year Protection Options

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  • Full exterior wash (Wheels, fender wells,

  • and door jambs cleaned)

  • Paint Decontamination (clay bar)

  • Iron removal

  • Paint Correction (remove minor defects & imperfections while enhancing gloss & clarity in your vehicles finish)

  • Wipe down/dust: dash, dash gauges, center console and vents

  • Ceramic Application (1 layer System)

Wheel Protection

  • Complete wheel & fender wells cleaned

  • Wheel decontamination (clay bar)

  • Iron removal

  • Ceramic application (2 layer system)

Window Protection

  • Glass cleaned

  • Decontamination (clay bar)

  • Iron removal

  • Machine polish on glass

  • Ceramic application (2 layer system)

Ceramic Coating in Action

Ceramic coating vs no coating

Ceramic coating 1 year later

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